Investment Opportunities

In today's economy of low interest rates, harsh taxation on private landlords, and bureaucratic rules for small businesses, it is difficult to find good investment strategies. The growth of the internet in providing investment vehicles such as crowd funding and business angels is challenging traditional savings models, but often the risks are considerably higher. Banks and pension funds are offering rates of interest that are outstripped by the level of inflation meaning that without doing anything, the money in the bank is losing money year on year. Stock based pension funds increase modestly in value only to be pillaged by the fund managers and operators leaving the investor with little more than break even at best.

Combining the high yielding strategy of Serviced Accommodation with the capital intensive, asset backed, conversion and build projects puts In Hot Property in the privileged position of being able to offer a variety of investment opportunities for cash investors, landlords and pension funds.

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Make Your Money Work Harder

If strong returns, from asset backed investments over a period of 12-36 months are of interest to you, then investing in one of our projects may be the solution. Financing our projects is done through a mix of private investor finance and bank lending. We are able to offer investment solutions for you to part of a group of investors for a particular scheme, or equity share options for qualified sophisticated or high net worth investors.

In Hot Property are always looking for investors to be part of our projects and would love to speak to you about how we can provide bespoke solutions to your investment needs.

Make Your Property Work Harder

Owning investment property is no longer the easy ride it once was. Government changes to legislation and taxation rules force landlords to work harder, incur higher expenses and obtain lower tax relief on those expenses. Furthermore the balance of rights is swung heavily in the favour of tenants, with landlords having little control over how their asset is looked after, and at the end of the tenancy and in the worst cases, may even be forced into lengthy and expensive eviction processes to be able to take back their property. Let's face it, if you get a good tenant who cleans and cares for your property as you would, you're very lucky. In Hot Property can offer long term management agreements to operate your property as Serviced Accommodation, removing all tenant hassles, minor maintenance and general upkeep of the property, leaving you to do what all landlords dream of - sitting back to a hassle free life and watching the payments roll into your bank like clockwork each month.

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Equity Opportunities

Experience, training and a network of industry experts can be leveraged through working with us on sourcing and developing properties to be used as Serviced Accommodation. Unlike many property investing strategies, Serviced Accommodation uses predominantly small units which are far less capital intensive than many other property strategies, giving new property investors a great starting point or more seasoned investors a strategy that can be scaled quickly. We work with investors to identify suitable properties, find ways to add value to the properties to maximise the returns available to our investors.