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About Us

Brothers Rob & Mark Hodgkiss started their company, In Hot Property, in the spring of 2016. After attending many property courses by some of the recognised experts in their fields, what started as a desire to invest to get healthy returns from an unexpected small inheritance sum, has developed to being a full time family business for Mark and Rob growing to over 20 units in 18 months.


Rob is the older brother, head screwed on, realist in the partnership. He's a deliberate thinker, and is the ‘what-if?’ guy when it comes to assessing opportunities.

Working as a Project Manager for 14 Years delivering multimillion pound IT and business change projects in construction, education, outsourcing and manufacturing sectors, has given scars of experience that give Rob an intuition about potential issues and the ability to manage teams and projects to a successful conclusion.

Geographically focused on North Yorkshire, Rob is strategically focused on conversion projects and creating serviced accommodation.


The people man. Business is as much a part of forging lasting quality relationships as it is serving and creating a product or service for clients. Who you are and what you stand for, your vision and your values define you. No more is this true than in the worlds of business and the military, both of which Mark has detailed knowledge and experience in. Creative and fast thinking; instincts that have served him well in a 12 year RAF career as a Tornado navigator serving in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

Geographically focused on Norfolk, Lincolnshire and London, Mark is strategically focused on property sourcing, company lets and the promotion and marketing aspects of serviced accommodation.

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